T u r n
A n d   W i n

  • 20 different rewards hidden behind 20 icons.

  • Click the icon to win 1 random reward!

  • Rewards sequence will reset after you collect your reward.

  • You can win maximum 2 chances of turning through:
    • Staying in FO3 for 30mins
    • Playing 3 games on FO3
    There might be up to 60mins delay before you receive your chance.
  • Manager will gain 2 free chances upon login to the site for the first time.
  • You have 0 chance(s) left.
    Refresh the page to receive your chance.

Congratulations! You got

Complete the challenges together to
unlock better rewards.


All the FIFA Online 3 Managers in SAM server


21 st Oct – 31 st Oct
Data count will refresh at 6am every day.




I n - G a m e   E v e n t s

  • DT
  • Match
  • Rank
  • FO3M
  • RB eMaster
  • RF Maestro
  • RB A
  • Singapore

​Predict the Champion of National Championship Season 4 and Win Mix Season Best 10 include MYL pack


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